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Make Informed Marketing Decisions

Decades of experience has taught us that there’s no one-size-fits-all approach when highlighting your value proposition to your end-users and potential partners. Visit our collection of articles, guides, infographics and videos to learn which marketing tactics are best for you.

Case studies
ISV-OEM Partnerships

5 Quick Tips for Generating Leads

Software marketers are always looking to generate leads fast, so what are some ways to increase visibility for your brand quickly in order to do so?  Here are five tips for generating leads so that you can establish a pipeline of sales opportunities now.

By |22-Apr-2021|Articles, Videos|

How COVID-19 Accelerated Digital Transformation and Altered Software Consumer Behaviour

Curious to know how the pandemic has disrupted certain industries and to what extent? We conducted in-depth research by analyzing the results of recently published industry reports to compile key figures into one comprehensive e-book and give our insight into how such disruptions have affected software consumption.

By |13-Apr-2021|Guides, checklists and best practices|

How to Be Authentic When Marketing Software

Liz reminds us that authenticity, believing in the product and telling a relatable story are key to not sound like “marketing blah blah”.

By |1-Apr-2021|Articles|

How to Build Confidence in Yourself to Earn the Trust of Your Prospects: 5 Tips to Improving Telemarketing Outreach

B2B outbound lead generation campaigns are designed to initiate conversations with key company decision-makers by engaging them in high-level discussions about their challenges, and then positioning your solution to address such pain points.

By |25-Mar-2021|Articles|

The Secret Sauce to Making Survey Campaigns a Success

Liz asks Pacome how he continuously executes survey campaigns with great results.

By |18-Mar-2021|Podcasts|

The Importance of Having Success Stories

Liz and Sander discuss why case studies should be an essential part of your digital marketing strategy.

By |16-Mar-2021|Podcasts|

How MediaDev Provides Employees With Skills They Use For Life

Liz catches up with Joseph, who shares how his career at MediaDev helped him develop his technology acumen and consultative way of solving business challenges.

By |9-Mar-2021|Podcasts|

Why Media Agencies Need To Outsource The Development Of New Technologies

Liz and Elena discuss how emerging technology can help media agencies provide better service to their customers.

By |4-Mar-2021|Podcasts|

Planning Your Next Webinar to Stand-Out from the Crowd

Liz and Lorenzo share essential best practices to make your webinar stick out, from planning to post-event follow-up.

By |2-Mar-2021|Podcasts|

How MediaDev Provides Employees With Opportunities For Career Growth

Liz catches up with Ryan, who now works as a business development manager for our sister company EvoStream. They talk about how his role has evolved and how MediaDev has paved his way to it.

By |25-Feb-2021|Podcasts|

How to Successfully Grow Your ISV/OEM Program

In this webinar, we explain how you can successfully recruit ISVs into your partner ecosystem by designing and implementing a holistic approach to marketing.

By |23-Feb-2021|Videos, Webinars|

Ways to Improve Visibility for Your ISV OEM Program

Here are tips to help successfully increase awareness about the benefits of your ISV OEM program.

By |17-Feb-2021|Articles|

Understanding the Essentials of Augmented Reality

Liz and Tristan discuss what makes up augmented reality, how consumers use it and why more businesses are implementing the technology to enhance their solutions.

By |16-Feb-2021|Podcasts|

How to Make B2B Marketing Content Generation Fun Again

Remember when writing was fun? New B2B marketing content writers – or writers assigned to produce content about a new application or system — usually get a rush of creative inspiration in the beginning.

By |11-Feb-2021|Articles|

The Importance of Keeping Your Data Clean

Liz and Marnelie discuss why maintaining a proper process for managing evolving data is paramount to having a healthy marketing database.

By |9-Feb-2021|Podcasts|

How Consistency in Marketing Is Key to Your Success

Liz explains why marketing, much like weight loss, is a journey where consistency is key.

By |2-Feb-2021|Podcasts|

Why Capturing and Keeping Your Audience’s Attention Is Getting Harder and What Can Be Done About It

I am not sure exactly when it started, or how it happened, but at some point in the not-so-distant past, we stopped being able to focus on one thing at a time. The worst is that our minds wander so easily that even when we consciously tell ourselves to pay attention, we often cannot.

By |28-Jan-2021|Articles|

How to Succeed in Remote Sales

Selling software remotely is nothing new. Even before COVID, certain types of software solutions were only sold virtually. Now more than ever, remote sales is the name of the game for software vendors both big and small.

By |21-Jan-2021|Articles|

Why Is QA an Integral Part of the Lead Generation Process

Liz and Rosell discuss the importance of quality assurance in lead generation.

By |19-Jan-2021|Podcasts|

How to Change Your Marketing Blueprint and Try Something New

Inventing and reinventing the wheel (constantly) when it comes to marketing is the only way to stay fresh and at the top of your game. But it’s not always easy to think of new ideas, especially when the old ways seem to be working pretty well. 

By |14-Jan-2021|Articles|

Why Is It Important to Deliver MQLs and SQLs at the Same Time During a Campaign?

Here’s a clip from Liz and Lorenzo’s podcast episode where they discuss the importance of the entire sales funnel, and why you’re missing out on a lot of valuable information if you only look at sales-qualified leads.

By |14-Jan-2021|Podcasts|

Keys to Successfully Generating Sales Appointments through Social Selling

Liz and Clara discuss the best practices for nurturing sales leads via LinkedIn, and maximizing outreach potential via Sales Navigator.

By |12-Jan-2021|Podcasts|

Software Marketing Predictions for 2021

Let’s face it: 2020 was a roller coaster ride. Not only did we see certain industries decimated by COVID (tourism, hospitality, and brick & mortar retail shops to name a few), we also saw an unexpected and unprecedented surge in software sales.

By |5-Jan-2021|Articles|

Catching up with a Former MediaDev Employee

Liz catches up with Jemina, who now works as a business development manager for a software company. They talk about how her experience in MediaDev has prepared her for such role.

By |15-Dec-2020|Podcasts|

Why High Quality Leads Are Not a Commodity

Recently, it has come to my attention that there are more and more marketing boutiques popping up left and right, claiming to be “data-driven” and providing “affordable leads sourced on LinkedIn.”

By |10-Dec-2020|Articles|
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