Software marketers are always looking to generate leads fast, so what are some ways to increase visibility for your brand quickly in order to do so? 

Here are five tips for generating leads so that you can establish a pipeline of sales opportunities now.

Tip #1: Create outstanding content

You can never have too much content! While content marketing strategies are usually long-term ones (especially when we’re talking about establishing thought leadership or SEO to rank for specific keywords on search engines), content is essential for supporting both inbound and outbound lead generation efforts.  No prospect ever entered into a B2B software sales cycle without consuming content at some point during the buyer journey. So make your content stand out by speaking directly to your target audience with tailored messaging that gets across your why.

Tip #2: Be present across the most important channels 

Nowadays you need to be present where your buyer personas are, which means being visible across channels both on and offline. Having a holistic and always-on approach to marketing instead of creating campaigns in a silo will help increase prominence for your offer so your message will be seen and heard. Map out the most important channels for your business and focus on those instead of wasting your time on ones that won’t impact your bottom line.   

Tip #3: Pick up the phone

Many people think that telemarketing is dead, but there’s nothing like picking up the phone and putting yourself out there to generate leads. You’d be surprised that if your messaging is on point how fast you can get people to open up and talk to you about their pain points. Of course persistence is key when doing outbound cold calling, but it can be a super effective method to generate sales leads fast if you’re good at it.

Tip #4: Use advertising as a boost

Advertising can be a great way to generate leads if it’s done in a highly targeted manner. By using LinkedIn, you can create ad campaigns to drive traffic to a landing page, to promote your content, or generate registrations to an online event.  Because you can specify the exact audience you want the ad to be visible for, this can be a fast and easy way to get your content in front of your buyer personas. You don’t need to have a huge budget to benefit from online advertising. Just make sure to create a few different ads to benchmark the one that performs best and then redirect your budget accordingly. 

Tip #5: Show up to give 

So many sales and marketing professionals show up because they are looking to “get” something from their prospects. They want to get their foot in the door, they want to get an email opt-in, they want to get a meeting, they want to get a favorable response. When you show up to give instead and are seeking to provide the most value to your potential customer because you speak their lingo and really understand them, and can empathize with their challenges, this will shift the discussion drastically. People are attracted to authenticity so be sincere in your desire to give to the customer instead of wanting to get something from them. What are the results you will bring them and how will you serve them to improve the way they do business? Asking yourself these questions is fundamental if you want to generate more leads. 

Final thoughts

So those are our 5 quick tips for generating leads.  Of course for more insights check out other articles poste on our resource library so that you can stay on top of your marketing game.  

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