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Attract, convince, convert and engage with your audience through online channels.

25 Jun 2020 25 Jun 2020

Technical Software Support: Why AI Chat-bots Should Never Entirely Replace Human Contact

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Having inbound customer support for your software product is a must. Not only does it reassure clients because they can get the answers to their questions immediately, but it is essential in order to escalate glitches so that they can be resolved quickly. The trend today is to provide inbound support through online chat, but is that really enough?
11 Jun 2020 11 Jun 2020

2020 Inbound Marketing Trends For Your Small Business

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The pandemic shouldn’t stop your business from growing, especially if you consider what you can do with inbound marketing.
20 Oct 2019 20 Oct 2019

Why Niche Marketing Is Important

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Hyper-targeting your customers really works, and here are four practical tips to help you do that.
12 Sep 2019 12 Sep 2019

5 Facts You Have to Face to Sell SaaS to the Enterprise

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If you’ve determined that your Software as a Service (SaaS) solution is ready to take to an enterprise market, prepare your team for a different sales process than consumer or small and medium-sized business (SMB) sales.

28 Aug 2019 28 Aug 2019

How to Conduct E-Mail Outreach Without Becoming a Spammer

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Liz provides tips on what (and what not) to do when doing e-mail outreach so you don’t appear like spam.