Liz talks about content writing for ISVs with Bernadette Wilson, who is a regular contributor to the DevPro Journal and has 20+ years of experience as a journalist, writer, editor and B2B marketer.

In this interview, Bernadette explains how she began her career in writing, and what it is like to create content for such a fast-moving industry. During the conversation, she talks about what motivates her to write about ISVs, highlights some of the challenges she faces, and offers up solutions to overcoming them.

At the end of the interview, Bernadette discusses the biggest mistake that ISVs make when writing their own content, and provides useful tips for them to improve.

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  • How did Bernadette start writing about ISVs? [0:57]
  • What she likes about writing content for ISVs? [3:21]
  • Main sources of information when writing about ISV [3:58]
  • What are the challenges of writing for ISVs and how to overcome them? [5:31]
  • Are there enough content for ISVs? [6:20]
  • What are the common mistakes of ISVs when writing their content? [8:04]

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