Some of our ISV-OEM customers

Our services are based on 5 (modular) pillars that can be integrated as part of a holistic OEM program, or used individually to suit your exact needs.   

They include: 


Are you interested in creating an OEM program and targeting ISV accounts, but you don’t know where to start?  We can help you : 

  • Understand your buyer personas 
  • Evaluate your competitors 
  • Determine the licensing model that best suits your business goals
  • Create your Go-to-Market strategy 


We tap into deep market intelligence to identify the best ISV accounts for you to partner with, then educate and nurture key decision-makers about your OEM value proposition in order to generate highly qualified partnership opportunities.  We create visibility for your OEM program across channels both on and offline.  We offer: 

  • Market Intelligence 
  • Accounts Based Marketing 
  • Lead Generation and Appointment Setting  
  • Social Media Marketing  
  • SEO Content Creation and Optimization
  • Pre-sales and Demos


Staying connected with partners to provide ongoing support and a “sell with you” process that works is a vital part of any successful OEM program.  When you invest so much into creating a partnership, you need to ensure that you get the most out it.  Nurturing your ISV partners is just as important as nurturing your pipeline of prospects.  We develop your partner communication plan to animate your ecosystem to ensure your partners are thriving. 

We help with: 

  • New partner onboarding including post-sales support 
  • Partner communications (newsletters, partner satisfaction surveys…) 
  • Direct marketing support for partners 
  • Partner marketplace creation and promotion 


Active partner account management will help you increase the value of your partnership through one-to-one support.  Outsourcing this can help you reduce costs while ensuring successful customer relationship building with guaranteed ROI. 


Give your partners the certainty they need by providing next level tech support including: 

  • Incident support / response  
  • Pre- and post-sales customer service support (first and second level of tech support) 
  • Inbound inquiries  
  • Technical integration / development support  
  • Customer service support  

All of our services are highly tailored to suit your exact needs

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