MediaDev Content Collaboration Policy

We love to receive ideas on how MediaDev can collaborate with other companies by sharing content. To get an understanding on MediaDev’s policy regarding content collaboration, please refer to the guidelines listed below.

External content submissions may include:

  • Blog articles
  • Images and infographics
  • Videos and animation
  • White papers and e-books
  • Other content

External content on MediaDev’s website
For external submissions to qualify to be distributed through MediaDev’s website, the content has to meet two requirements:

  • The content has to be unbranded (no logo’s, links or other forms of referrals to service/product offerings and other company information);
  • The content has to be original (written solely for MediaDev’s website and not published anywhere else).

Collaborating through content sharing – We’ll share yours if you’ll share ours
To benefit from collaborations with external parties, content meeting the following requirements would qualify to be distributed through MediaDev’s social media channels:

  • To increase visibility of MediaDev’s own content the collaborating company has to be prepared to share MediaDev’s content. Depending on the profile of the collaborating party, the most appropriate pieces of content will be selected for sharing through the collaborating company’s social media channels;
  • The content has to be relevant and interesting to MediaDev’s followers/audience. We want to offer added value to our audience through information sharing. Irrelevant information which does not correspond to our audience would have a negative impact on MediaDev as a brand;
  • Content should not include strong branding, product/service offerings, pricing information, sales pitches and the like;
  • The content and collaborating party should not interfere with MediaDev’s own marketing activities;
  • Competitors of MediaDev (companies which offer similar services to the same target audience) will be excluded from collaboration.
Please send your inquiries to: