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Resources about “Growth hacking

Learn how to actively evolve your marketing messages according to customer feedback.

16 May 2019 16 May 2019

What is Agile Marketing and Why Do I Need It for my B2B Software Business?

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Learn about the many benefits of this marketing approach, among which are improved ROI and more efficient targeted niche campaigns.
14 May 2019 14 May 2019

What Is Agile Marketing and How Can I Implement It for My Software Business

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Liz explains how to apply the agile methodology to get the best results in your marketing execution.
02 May 2019 02 May 2019

Why You Need a Mobile App and How You Can Create One

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While the line between traditional ISVs and “apps” has changed how the technology industry is structured, it has become critical for B2B software vendors to create mobile applications of their own in order to keep up with their pure “app” counterparts.
29 Nov 2018 29 Nov 2018

Quick Introduction to Growth Hacking

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It’s not just about technology, but also about how you can integrate marketing within that technology to make your product sell.
27 Mar 2018 27 Mar 2018

How Technology Will Change Everything for Marketing

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Legacy systems, SaaS and even cloud are history. Breakthroughs and developments in mixed reality, artificial intelligence and machine learning are coming fast. As a marketer, are you ready for these changes and things to come?