Liz talks with Bernadette Wilson, ISV Content Writer for the DevPro Journal, and expert at content writing for software vendors. Learn as she shares tips on how to create B2B software content that’s engaging for your target buyer personas.

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  • Why marketing content when it comes to software solutions is still often considered boring or dry? [00:40]
  • Tips for collaborators/ people who review the writing [2:58]
  • How can software marketers create more valuable content to engage their audience? [4:03]
  • What types or formats of content are best for B2B software? [7:43]
  • Why having good content is so important? [12:09]
  • Recent trends about content marketing [14:42]
  • Why is it hard for software vendors to get their heads around ISV-OEM? [18:00]
  • Other tips for better B2B software content [21:37]

Listen to a previous episode with Bernadette Wilson where they discussed Creating Content for Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) here.

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