Liz talks with Shai Schneiderman (MediaDev Client Operations Manager) about campaign management, with a focus on client onboarding, market segmentation, campaign launch, and reporting.

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What are some things that are absolutely necessary to have when launching a new lead generation camp? [01:31]

What should clients keep in mind when they kick off a program with a new vendor? [05:00]

What are some red flags that you need to watch out for when running a lead generation campaign? [08:31]

How is having feedback from our client sales teams fundamental to ensure success? [10:25]

What does a campaign setup process involve? [12:28]

Why continual coaching is important for telesales agents? [14:58]

OEM versus end-user campaigns [19:39]

Other things you can do to make sure any lead generation campaign is a success [23:34]

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