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Make Informed Marketing Decisions

Decades of experience has taught us that there’s no one-size-fits-all approach when highlighting your value proposition to your end-users and potential partners. Visit our collection of articles, guides, infographics and videos to learn which marketing tactics are best for you.

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ISV-OEM Partnerships

What ChatGPT Has to Say About B2B Software Sales in Light of the Current Macro-Economic Context

The macro-economic context is likely to have a significant influence on B2B technology purchases over the next 18 months. Here are several ways in which it may impact these purchases:

By |30-Aug-2023|Articles|

Why You Need to Stop Counter-Arguing Prospects

In this episode, Liz addresses why you need to stop counter-arguing prospects even if as sales professionals, we’ve all been taught why it’s important to list out some of the main reasons for negative and make sure that we’re able to effectively counter-argue those. She also gives tips and examples on how to continue the conversation even after you get a no. Listen in.

By |26-Jul-2023|Podcasts|

What to Do When You’ve Been Burned by a Marketing Vendor: 5 Tips for Establishing a Great Relationship With Your Marketing Outsourcer

I spend a decent amount of my time each day on business development.  Getting our message out into the world so that we can serve more customers is big part of my mission.  When I look at our wins and our losses, I realize that I have bumped up against one reason in particular why people don’t want to give us a try that I just had to address.

By |8-Mar-2023|Articles|

Why Targeting The Right Segment Is Essential For The Success Of Your 2023 Marketing Plan

If you haven’t hyper-segmented your market as part of your marketing plan yet, 2023 is the year to do so!  Hyper-market segmentation not only helps you send the right message to the right people every single time, but it also helps retain customers in the long run.  

By |16-Jan-2023|Articles|

How to Choose the Best ISV Prospects for OEM Partnerships

Integrating or embedding one software product into another (or connecting two solutions via APIs) is a pillar to ensure growth for both the ISV and the OEM provider.  These ISV-to-ISV relationships or ISV-OEM partnerships are, now more than ever, in great demand. 

By |8-Dec-2022|Articles|

7 Customer Success Tips To Increase Customer Retention

In business, there are plenty of factors that spell success, and many of these factors are a result of our ability to satisfy customers. In today’s competitive market, it is very important for businesses to have a loyal customer base and a steady stream of new customers coming into the fold. Without this, it will be very difficult to sustain business in the long run. This is why customer retention strategies and processes are so important, and it is also why many companies work hard to improve their customer retention rates. 

By |7-Dec-2022|Articles|

5 of the Best Lead Generation Strategies + Tips for Improving Email & More

People are always trying to do more with less.  And with the economic context the way it is, that couldn’t be more true than it is right now.  At the same time, companies can’t just stop generating leads, recruiting new strategic partners, and selling product.  So how do you generate more leads with less resources? 

By |1-Dec-2022|Articles|

Why Now is the Time to Increase Your Marketing Efforts Toward Existing Customers

Anyone who has gone through the customer journey and purchased your products or services can be considered an existing customer. It is critical that they are satisfied with their purchase in order for them to become repeat customers and even advocates for your brand. But if you really want to build a lasting relationship between your brand and your customer base, then you will need to increase your marketing efforts toward existing customers. 

By |23-Nov-2022|Articles|

How to Talk to ISVs So They Will Listen

In this episode, MediaDev’s COO, Liz Lemarchand, and Accusoft’s Director of Marketing, Tracy Schlabach talk about the value of partnering with another software vendor, the challenges of targeting ISVs, the types of messaging and content that resonate most with ISVs, and tips or strategies on how to talk to ISVs so they will listen. Listen in.

By |10-Nov-2022|Podcasts|

How To Maximize Your Marketing Budget To Do More With Less

Marketing is one of the most important aspects of running a successful business, but it can also be one of the most expensive. If you’re not careful, you can easily blow your entire marketing budget on one campaign and be left with nothing to show for it.

By |2-Nov-2022|Articles|

7 Forms of Info Gathering in Business

As a business owner, one of your core functions is to make informed decisions. And to do that, you need to gather accurate and up-to-date information. So whether you’re trying to assess a new business opportunity, understand your competition, find the right price point for your product, or simply get to know your customers better,  information gathering is a critical part of the process. 

By |26-Oct-2022|Articles|

Practical Tips from Tune In & Dial Out You Can Apply Today

In this episode, Liz talks about her book, Tune In and Dial Out: How to Win at B2B Cold Calling and shares some quick tools and strategies so that you can really implement all of the best practices that she outlined in the book and get really good at your cold calling outreach.  If you’re already thriving at cold calling but are still looking to improve or you’re struggling and want to thrive at it, then this episode is for you!

By |4-Oct-2022|Podcasts|

How to Win at B2B Cold Calling

In this episode, Liz and John discuss her new book, Tune In and Dial Out: How to Win at B2B Cold Calling. Listen in and learn practical, tested, and proven tips to help you change your mindset around B2B cold calling, become more effective in your outreach, and turn your leads into loyal customers. Listen to the episode on Apple Podcast, Google Podcasts, Spotify, Breaker, Pocket casts, RadioPublic, or Anchor. Or read the transcript below.SHOW NOTESQuick takeaways from Tune In and Dial Out book [00:32]Common false beliefs about cold calling [01:37]How to combat negative self-talk just before making a cold call [04:06]Is it a good idea to stick to a script when cold calling? [05:59]Keeping fear under control when making a cold call [06:30]The difference between self-esteem and confidence in cold calling [07:24]Vulnerability as an asset in cold calling [08:24]Honesty in cold calling [10:22]On the fence about cold calling? Here’s what you need to know [13:46]Why people love to hate cold calling [14:49]The purpose of a cold call [15:50]How to tell someone is not having a good time during the call [17:25]On dealing with individual belief systems when in a call [18:46]Asking questions and keeping them coming [21:16]Best strategy when stuck during the call [23:03]What to do when someone is not interested during the call [24:40]How to get a positive NO during your call [27:07]Why you need to believe in your product during the call [28:49]Handling someone who is not accommodating during a cold call [30:13]Should you bring

By |21-Sep-2022|Podcasts|

Why “Done With You” Marketing Services Will Change Your Relationships With Your Vendors

I love this new term, “done with you” services.  I don’t know who coined the phrase, but I think it’s great!  It used to be that people would outsource certain business activities (especially marketing) to third-party vendors, that worked in one big black box. Not only would you have no clue who was working on your project, you had little to no visibility into what was actually happening in the background. 

By |30-Aug-2022|Articles|

How to Improve Your B2B Software Sales Approach – 3 Quick Tips to Get You on the Right Track

Whether you are looking to generate end-user leads or build your pipeline of potential ISV-OEM partners, reinventing sales pitches means putting forth a consistent and concerted effort.  The language you use needs to be relevant to your target audience; staying up on industry trends is, therefore, a must.  

By |27-Jun-2022|Articles|

ISV-OEM Sales Strategies That Work: Why ISVs Underestimate the Potential of Shifting Passive Legacy Costs and What You Can Do About It

My boss told me a story the other day and I thought it was an appropriate metaphor for what we often see happen with ISV companies. 

By |21-Jun-2022|Articles|

Inspiring Prospects to Engage When (at first) They Don’t Want To

Let’s face it: telemarketing or cold calling is the black sheep of marketing tactics.  It’s gotten a bad rap because of outsourced BPOs scattered around India and Asia bombarding people at home at inopportune times (like right in the middle of dinner) calling about worthless products or services that no one wants or needs.

By |2-Jun-2022|Articles|

What Is Agile Marketing and Why Do I Need It for My B2B Software Business?

Learn about the many benefits of this marketing approach, among which are improved ROI and more efficient targeted niche campaigns.

By |1-Jun-2022|Articles|
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