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Make Informed Marketing Decisions

Decades of experience has taught us that there’s no one-size-fits-all approach when highlighting your value proposition to your end-users and potential partners. Visit our collection of articles, guides, infographics and videos to learn which marketing tactics are best for you.

How to Win at B2B Cold Calling

In this episode, Liz and John discuss her new book, Tune In and Dial Out: How to Win at B2B Cold Calling. Listen in and learn practical, tested, and proven tips to help you change your mindset around B2B cold calling, become more effective in your outreach, and turn your leads into loyal customers. Listen to the episode on Apple Podcast, Google Podcasts, Spotify, Breaker, Pocket casts, RadioPublic, or Anchor. Or read the transcript below.SHOW NOTESQuick takeaways from Tune In and Dial Out book [00:32]Common false beliefs about cold calling [01:37]How to combat negative self-talk just before making a cold call [04:06]Is it a good idea to stick to a script when cold calling? [05:59]Keeping fear under control when making a cold call [06:30]The difference between self-esteem and confidence in cold calling [07:24]Vulnerability as an asset in cold calling [08:24]Honesty in cold calling [10:22]On the fence about cold calling? Here’s what you need to know [13:46]Why people love to hate cold calling [14:49]The purpose of a cold call [15:50]How to tell someone is not having a good time during the call [17:25]On dealing with individual belief systems when in a call [18:46]Asking questions and keeping them coming [21:16]Best strategy when stuck during the call [23:03]What to do when someone is not interested during the call [24:40]How to get a positive NO during your call [27:07]Why you need to believe in your product during the call [28:49]Handling someone who is not accommodating during a cold call [30:13]Should you bring

By |21-Sep-2022|Podcasts|

Why “Done With You” Marketing Services Will Change Your Relationships With Your Vendors

I love this new term, “done with you” services.  I don’t know who coined the phrase, but I think it’s great!  It used to be that people would outsource certain business activities (especially marketing) to third-party vendors, that worked in one big black box. Not only would you have no clue who was working on your project, you had little to no visibility into what was actually happening in the background. 

By |30-Aug-2022|Articles|

How to Improve Your B2B Software Sales Approach – 3 Quick Tips to Get You on the Right Track

Whether you are looking to generate end-user leads or build your pipeline of potential ISV-OEM partners, reinventing sales pitches means putting forth a consistent and concerted effort.  The language you use needs to be relevant to your target audience; staying up on industry trends is, therefore, a must.  

By |27-Jun-2022|Articles|

ISV-OEM Sales Strategies That Work: Why ISVs Underestimate the Potential of Shifting Passive Legacy Costs and What You Can Do About It

My boss told me a story the other day and I thought it was an appropriate metaphor for what we often see happen with ISV companies. 

By |21-Jun-2022|Articles|

Inspiring Prospects to Engage When (at first) They Don’t Want To

Let’s face it: telemarketing or cold calling is the black sheep of marketing tactics.  It’s gotten a bad rap because of outsourced BPOs scattered around India and Asia bombarding people at home at inopportune times (like right in the middle of dinner) calling about worthless products or services that no one wants or needs.

By |2-Jun-2022|Articles|

What Is Agile Marketing and Why Do I Need It for My B2B Software Business?

Learn about the many benefits of this marketing approach, among which are improved ROI and more efficient targeted niche campaigns.

By |1-Jun-2022|Articles|

Why You Should Always Question Everything You Ever Learned About Marketing

In order to be outstanding at marketing, it’s important to question everything you do all the time.  And the real key to getting super good at marketing is something you may not believe: it’s getting comfortable with things not turning out the way you planned.

By |26-May-2022|Articles|

Why Sales & Marketing Gets a Bad Rap and What You Can Do About It

In order to get good at marketing or sales and eradicate the bad reputation looming over our heads, we need to understand the role we play, and the ethical boundaries we are not willing to cross.

By |19-May-2022|Articles|

5 Marketing Challenges That Are Really Opportunities

B2B marketing for software vendors can be tough and challenging, but here’s what you can do to overcome them.

By |18-May-2022|Articles|

Why Investing in Marketing Qualified Leads Is Good for Your Business

It may take more time to educate and nurture some of your prospects, but don’t lose hope nonetheless.

By |28-Apr-2022|Articles|

How Can I Generate More ISV Leads for My OEM Program?

Lead generation is one of those things that never goes away. Sales teams constantly need more leads to keep their pipelines flowing, and inbound inquiries alone don’t always suffice. When it comes to generating (outbound) leads within ISV accounts to join your OEM program, challenges arise.

By |31-Mar-2022|Articles|

MediaDev is the Best Global B2B Marketing Service Provider 2021 – European Enterprise Awards

The results of the inaugural European Enterprise Awards are in and MediaDev has been awarded the Best Global B2B Marketing Service Provider 2021!

By |2-Feb-2022|Articles|

The Ultimate Guide to Identifying ISV Leads

You'll learn: How to select and educate top ISV accounts Social Media and Account-Based Marketing (ABM) for OEMs How to create a remarkable LinkedIn profile for social selling How to build up a relevant network on LinkedIn The importance of personalized outreach ABM Social Selling best practices and recommendations

By |26-Jan-2022|Guides, checklists and best practices|

10 Landing Page Best Practices for Software Vendors in 2022

For any successful marketing campaign to work, it’s important to have great landing pages that can be used as support to educate, nurture, and convert top-of-the-funnel leads into viable sales opportunities. 

By |20-Jan-2022|Articles|

Why You Should Never Buy Sales Appointments from Someone Selling Leads

I get approached all the time by people trying to sell me leads.  I bet you do too.  It seems that in recent years there has been a proliferation of random companies sprouting up all over town promising qualified leads in incredible volumes; some even claim that they can deliver thousands of leads each month. 

By |18-Jan-2022|Articles|

Why You Should Outsource Your ISV-OEM Marketing

OEM can be an elusive term.  In fact, it means many things to many people.  For us, it means embedding one software solution into another to enhance product features for the benefit of the end-user customer.  Third-party integration helps bring a faster time-to-market and can make your product more competitive in the global marketplace.  But finding new partnership opportunities in the right ISV accounts is not as easy as it seems. 

By |13-Jan-2022|Articles|

How OEM Program Holders Can Provide Better Support to Their ISV Partners

The buy vs build decision for an ISV is one that is never taken lightly. And when the decision is made to embed your software solution into their product, they do so because they clearly have weighed the pros and cons of that buy vs build scenario.

By |6-Jan-2022|Articles|
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