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Make Informed Marketing Decisions

Decades of experience has taught us that there’s no one-size-fits-all approach when highlighting your value proposition to your end-users and potential partners. Visit our collection of articles, guides, infographics and videos to learn which marketing tactics are best for you.

Case studies
ISV-OEM Partnerships

Ways to Improve Visibility for Your ISV OEM Program

Here are tips to help successfully increase awareness about the benefits of your ISV OEM program.

By |17-Feb-2021|Articles|

Understanding the Essentials of Augmented Reality

Liz and Tristan discuss what makes up augmented reality, how consumers use it and why more businesses are implementing the technology to enhance their solutions.

By |16-Feb-2021|Podcasts|

How to Make B2B Marketing Content Generation Fun Again

Remember when writing was fun? New B2B marketing content writers – or writers assigned to produce content about a new application or system — usually get a rush of creative inspiration in the beginning.

By |11-Feb-2021|Articles|

The Importance of Keeping Your Data Clean

Liz and Marnelie discuss why maintaining a proper process for managing evolving data is paramount to having a healthy marketing database.

By |9-Feb-2021|Podcasts|

How Consistency in Marketing Is Key to Your Success

Liz explains why marketing, much like weight loss, is a journey where consistency is key.

By |2-Feb-2021|Podcasts|

Why Capturing and Keeping your Audience’s Attention is Getting Harder and What Can Be Done About It

I am not sure exactly when it started, or how it happened, but at some point in the not so distant past, we stopped being able to focus on one thing at a time. The worst is that our minds wonder so easily that even when we consciously tell ourselves to pay attention, we often cannot.

By |28-Jan-2021|Articles|

How to Succeed in Remote Sales

Selling software remotely is nothing new. Even before COVID, certain types of software solutions were only sold virtually. Now more than ever, remote sales is the name of the game for software vendors both big and small.

By |21-Jan-2021|Articles|

Why Is QA an Integral Part of the Lead Generation Process

Liz and Rosell discuss the importance of quality assurance in lead generation.

By |19-Jan-2021|Podcasts|

How to Change Your Marketing Blueprint and Try Something New

Inventing and reinventing the wheel (constantly) when it comes to marketing is the only way to stay fresh and at the top of your game. But it’s not always easy to think of new ideas, especially when the old ways seem to be working pretty well.

By |14-Jan-2021|Articles|

Why Is It Important to Deliver MQLs and SQLs at the Same Time During a Campaign?

Here’s a clip from Liz and Lorenzo’s podcast episode where they discuss the importance of the entire sales funnel, and why you’re missing out on a lot of valuable information if you only look at sales-qualified leads.

By |14-Jan-2021|Podcasts|

Keys to Successfully Generating Sales Appointments through Social Selling

Liz and Clara discuss the best practices for nurturing sales leads via LinkedIn, and maximizing outreach potential via Sales Navigator.

By |12-Jan-2021|Podcasts|

Software Marketing Predictions for 2021

Let’s face it: 2020 was a roller coaster ride. Not only did we see certain industries decimated by COVID (tourism, hospitality, and brick & mortar retail shops to name a few), we also saw an unexpected and unprecedented surge in software sales.

By |5-Jan-2021|Articles|

Catching up with a Former MediaDev Employee

Liz catches up with Jemina, who now works as a business development manager for a software company. They talk about how her experience in MediaDev has prepared her for such role.

By |15-Dec-2020|Podcasts|

Why High Quality Leads Are Not a Commodity

Recently, it has come to my attention that there are more and more marketing boutiques popping up left and right, claiming to be “data-driven” and providing “affordable leads sourced on LinkedIn.”

By |10-Dec-2020|Articles|

Omnichannel Marketing in EMEA

Liz and Lu discuss the best ways to engage and nurture prospects, and how to convert them to valid sales opportunities. Lu also offers tips on how to generate leads in Russia.

By |8-Dec-2020|Podcasts|

Why You Should Start Preparing Your Next Webinar Now

Hosting online events in 2021 will for sure be a must-have marketing strategy since no-one is certain whether or not physical events will even take place at all. But let’s be realistic: with everyone hosting events online, how will you be sure that yours stands out from the crowd?

By |1-Dec-2020|Articles|

The Do’s and Don’ts of Outbound Marketing in the UK

Liz and William discuss the best practices for engaging prospects in the UK to generate highly qualified sales opportunities.

By |24-Nov-2020|Podcasts|

How to Tailor Your Pitch to Resonate with ISV Audiences

Developing marketing messaging to end-user audiences is pretty straightforward. You know your value proposition, how your solution will help decision-makers, and you tell your story in a clear, easy to understand way.

By |19-Nov-2020|Articles|

Social Selling Best Practices in Italy

Our Country Manager for Italy shares his insight into how social selling is used as a lead generation tactic in the Italian market.

By |17-Nov-2020|Podcasts|

How to Adapt My Social Media Strategy to My Business

Being present on social media platforms is essential, but knowing the most suitable social network for your business activity is even more important.

By |12-Nov-2020|Articles|

The Social Selling Dilemma: What to Do When Prospects Don’t Engage?

Now more than ever, social selling has become a must have strategy to generate leads. Because of COVID-19 and the acceleration of work from home norms, contacting prospects via LinkedIn is a mandatory right of passage since phone outreach is becoming more and more difficult.

By |5-Nov-2020|Articles|

What Are the Differences Between Native Apps, Web Apps and Hybrid Apps?

Here’s a quick guide to understanding the distinctions among these types of application deployments.

By |30-Oct-2020|Articles|

How Can I Build My OEM Ecosystem, Diversify and Not Be Overly US Centric

Our ISV-OEM Outreach Specialist shares his approach to OEM program-holders targeting ISVs from different regions across the globe.

By |20-Oct-2020|Podcasts|
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