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Make Informed Marketing Decisions

Decades of experience has taught us that there’s no one-size-fits-all approach when highlighting your value proposition to your end-users and potential partners. Visit our collection of articles, guides, infographics and videos to learn which marketing tactics are best for you.

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ISV-OEM Partnerships

The Ultimate Guide to Identifying ISV Leads

You'll learn: How to select and educate top ISV accounts Social Media and Account-Based Marketing (ABM) for OEMs How to create a remarkable LinkedIn profile for social selling How to build up a relevant network on LinkedIn The importance of personalized outreach ABM Social Selling best practices and recommendations

By |26-Jan-2022|Guides, checklists and best practices|

10 Landing Page Best Practices for Software Vendors in 2022

For any successful marketing campaign to work, it’s important to have great landing pages that can be used as support to educate, nurture, and convert top-of-the-funnel leads into viable sales opportunities. 

By |20-Jan-2022|Articles|

Why You Should Never Buy Sales Appointments from Someone Selling Leads

I get approached all the time by people trying to sell me leads.  I bet you do too.  It seems that in recent years there has been a proliferation of random companies sprouting up all over town promising qualified leads in incredible volumes; some even claim that they can deliver thousands of leads each month. 

By |18-Jan-2022|Articles|

Why You Should Outsource Your ISV-OEM Marketing

OEM can be an elusive term.  In fact, it means many things to many people.  For us, it means embedding one software solution into another to enhance product features for the benefit of the end-user customer.  Third-party integration helps bring a faster time-to-market and can make your product more competitive in the global marketplace.  But finding new partnership opportunities in the right ISV accounts is not as easy as it seems. 

By |13-Jan-2022|Articles|

How OEM Program Holders Can Provide Better Support to Their ISV Partners

The buy vs build decision for an ISV is one that is never taken lightly. And when the decision is made to embed your software solution into their product, they do so because they clearly have weighed the pros and cons of that buy vs build scenario.

By |6-Jan-2022|Articles|

How to Design a Partner Satisfaction Survey to Improve Your Channel Program

Many software vendors rely on channel partners for growth, expansion into new markets, and to provide essential implementation services to guarantee deployment success with end-user customers.  Supporting your channel to help them sell is essential.  But how well do you actually know your channel?   

By |16-Dec-2021|Articles|

How can I generate more leads by cold calling? 5 Tips for Cold Calling Success

Many people have the misperception that cold calling doesn’t work.  I can understand this because I am often very stand-offish when I am called by people out of the blue.  But to go as far as to say that cold calling is a waste of time is just not true—cold calling can actually help you generate more leads faster than any other outbound marketing tactic, (if it’s done right). 

By |9-Dec-2021|Articles|

LinkedIn Showcase Page Best Practices

A LinkedIn Showcase Page is an effective way to communicate your offer to ISVs. It works as an extension of your main company page. They function as a dedicated child page, where a company builds a niche following around specific areas of their business. Think of them as supplements – not replacements – to the company page.

How to Up-Level Your Marketing Skills

Whether you’ve been working in marketing for a long time or not, habit and routine can lead to complacency if you’re not careful. It’s important to be especially weary of becoming stagnant, and generating “passing” results; the type of outcomes that are not terrible, but not transcendent either.

By |1-Dec-2021|Articles|

Why We Decided to Create an Online Masterclass

Essentials to Lead Generation for Software Vendors is MediaDev’s pilot online marketing course. Listen in as Liz shares the thought process behind why we put together Mediadev Marketing Masterclass for you software marketers! Want to become a high-performing lead generation specialist? Join the class now! Get all the course details here.

By |23-Nov-2021|Podcasts|

Effective Product Marketing – Why it Can’t Only be All About the Product

Product marketing is a strategic function for any ISV and is supposed to bridge the gap between product management and marketing communications. It is an integral part of bringing a product to market and includes designing the product’s positioning and messaging.

By |16-Nov-2021|Articles|

Why OEM Program Holders Should Help Their ISV Partners to Market Their Solutions

In order to create a win-win situation, the more products your partner sells, the more revenue you’re generating for yourself. So, it’s really in your best interest to help your partners market their products. And there’s a number of different ways that you can do that.

By |10-Nov-2021|Podcasts|

Are Prospects Tired of Outreach Because of the Pandemic? B2B Lead Generation Tips for ISVs

Liz talks to Joseph Indolos, a Lead Generation Guru, about navigating lead generation during the pandemic. Which industries are best for outreach now and which ones to hold off for the time being? He shares insights, tips, and practical advice on how to be a better marketer in this new normal. Listen in!

By |27-Oct-2021|Podcasts|

How to Promote Your Partner Program Among the Right ISV Audiences

How do you promote a partner program among ISV audiences? Partnering has become increasingly important in keeping up with customer demands; partner ecosystems are playing a crucial role.  

By |26-Oct-2021|Articles|

How Culture Influences Marketing

Liz talks about how your grasp of the culture of the market you’re trying to serve can indicate how your marketing efforts will translate. She also shares insights on how you can be more effective in marketing by taking culture into consideration in your messaging.

By |19-Oct-2021|Podcasts|

Successful Outbound Lead Generation Tactics for Q4

It’s the mad dash at the end of the year. We’re in Q4 and time is going by fast. Everyone wants to finish off 2021 with a bang and kick off 2022 on the right foot. So what are some strategies that you can be doing in order to generate better leads? That is the topic for today’s Software Marketing Made Simple episode.

By |12-Oct-2021|Podcasts|

Emailing Your B2B Prospect List Once a Day – Can It Be Done Without Them Unsubscribing?

A lot of our customers are curious about increasing their B2B email outreach cadence but are afraid of bombarding their prospects and turning into spammers. The fear is that their prospects will unsubscribe if they are emailed too much. While this can be a risk, (and can happen if your messaging is too salesy), as long as you continue to provide the most amount of value to your prospective clients and the purpose of your email cadence is to give, the likelihood of them unsubscribing is low. 

By |8-Sep-2021|Articles|

How Can I Ensure My Outsourced (OEM) Lead Generation Campaign is Wildly Successful?

Liz discusses with William Philipps, one of the Outbound Lead Generation experts at MediaDev, insights and tips on how to ensure the success of a lead generation program targeting ISV-OEM.

By |17-Aug-2021|Podcasts|

The Truth about Losing B2B Software Sales Deals : Why it’s Not About Price

Liz and Ryan Sorley, Founder and CEO of DoubleCheck Research, talk about what’s more important in the overall scheme of a software solution sales cycle, what sales reps can do better to ensure that more of their leads convert into actual sales, and why they are losing B2B software sales deals.

By |10-Aug-2021|Podcasts|

Is Social Selling the New Telemarketing? Why Outreach on LinkedIn Cannot Be the Only Tactic You Use to Generate Sales Leads

Liz explores how social selling is parallel to telemarketing and shares valuable tips on how to have a more effective outreach strategy in this new podcast episode.

By |3-Aug-2021|Podcasts|

How Market Intelligence Reports are Crucial to Any Sales Person’s Bag of Tools

William Philipps, one of MediaDev’s Senior Lead Generation and Social Selling Executives, gives his insight on using market intelligence to enhance sales outreach to generate more (and better quality) leads.

By |27-Jul-2021|Podcasts|

Is Social Selling the New Telemarketing? Why Outreach on LinkedIn Cannot be the Only Tactic you Use to Generate Sales Leads

Many people believe that telemarketing and cold calling are tactics of days past, but the more I think about it, the more I believe that that’s just a nice excuse to hide behind because let’s face it- calling makes people uncomfortable.

By |6-Jul-2021|Articles|

How to Create B2B Software Content that’s Fun – Is it Even Possible?

Liz talks with Bernadette Wilson, ISV Content Writer for the DevPro Journal, and expert at content writing for software vendors. Learn as she shares tips on how to create B2B software content that’s engaging for your target buyer personas.

By |2-Jul-2021|Podcasts|
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