If you’re looking at outsourcing your lead generation, you might come across a few friction points:

  • You have no idea where to find the right agency
  • You have no time to thoroughly vet each provider on the list
  • You’re uncertain what actually goes on throughout the entire process of lead generation, and you don’t know what’s right or wrong
  • You’re not convinced that a third-party vendor will be able to deliver the same quality leads that your internal team generates
  • You’re afraid that the agency will run off in the wrong direction and you won’t have any control over how the agency represents your brand

Knowing that from years of engaging with clients, we thought of helping you in your decision-making process. We’ll walk you through our lead generation workflow, the best practices we’ve devised that has been proven effective and efficient from years of generating quality leads for our clients.

Download our B2B Lead Generation Outsourcing Best Practices Workflow below and be guided, be involved, and be aware of how the leads are being generated. This way, you can truly collaborate with your marketing agency and efficiently generate the high-quality leads that your business needs to hit your bottom line.

B2B Lead Generation Outsourcing Best Practices Workflow

Refer to this checklist when you’re ready to outsource your lead generation

Here’s a workflow for effectively generating leads. Use this to help you ensure that the lead-generation service provider you will choose implements the best practices.