MediaDev was hired by yourVcam to conduct market research and to develop a marketing strategy for a newly developed video surveillance solution. The research and strategy development resulted in three comprehensive reports.

Market study
Through telemarketing outreach, MediaDev conducted a survey among yourVcam’s target audience. The goal was to determine the target audiences with the highest buying potential and to establish a database of qualified leads. The survey results were analyzed and MediaDev provided strategic recommendations in a comprehensive market study report. All the valuable insights that our native speaking agents gathered laid the groundwork for a targeted marketing strategy.

Marketing audit
In the marketing audit MediaDev exposed key-parameters of the market environment. The audit included an in-depth competitor analysis where the products, positioning and marketing of key-competitors were mapped out. This proved to be important input for yourVcam during the process of designing a unique video surveillance solution with an edge over the competition.

Holistic marketing strategy
The holistic marketing strategy is where MediaDev defined the positioning of the solution and determined how to reach and engage with the target audience. MediaDev created buyer persona profiles to expose the different characteristics of every target audience. By getting to know these characteristics, MediaDev was able to produce a very well-adapted strategy for every target audience. Our aim was not only to create a high level outline, but also to provide actionable recommendations which could be implemented immediately.

​While MediaDev were working on the marketing strategy, MediaDev touched base with yourVcam regularly (weekly calls) to keep our visions aligned and incorporate feedback fast. This resulted in a high quality report which met all expectations from yourVcam.

Content of the Marketing Strategy:​

  • Mission & Vision
  • Objectives & KPIs
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Buyer persona profiles
  • Value proposition
  • Branding guide
  • Promotion strategy
  • Holistic marketing overview

​“By using agile marketing methods and MediaDev’s holistic approach, we have been able to establish the ground-work for a successful product launch. We are excited to continue working with MediaDev in the future to increase visibility for our brand, and continue to use direct client feedback to make our product features better.”

Oliver, Project Manager for yourVcam

About yourVcam

yourVcam is a cloud based video surveillance solution (VSaaS) which targets home and business owners. yourVcam is a brand of Nordgrat, a high-tech start-up based in Switzerland, that focuses on the development of intelligent solutions in the areas of secure video and data streaming.