MediaDev was hired by Velocity to design and implement a brand awareness and lead generation program. MediaDev used a hybrid approach of on and offline channels to create maximum exposure and a highly efficient lead nurturing process.

Campaign overview

ABM Marketing
MediaDev worked off an account list which included prospects that attended one of Velocity’s BI and Analytics events (Account-Based Marketing). To enhance the ABM list, MediaDev profiled decision-makers within the accounts. The use of legacy systems, new project cycle estimations, and contact details with opt-ins to receive more information were some of the criteria for building each profile. The depth of the profiling activity resulted in highly insightful information on the sales potential of each account. Other critical information that MediaDev acquired includes:

» The current BI and Analytics systems in place

» Data-driven business needs such as AI and Machine Learning, Visualization and Analytics, or Data preparation and consolidation

» Short and long-term projects that merit the revision of existing systems and tools

Based on these insights MediaDev nurtured the accounts with relevant content over the course of a quarter, boosting Velocity’s brand exposure among a highly targeted audience.

Lead Nurturing
To nurture high potential leads efficiently, MediaDev used a combination of telemarketing and automated email workflows. MediaDev created the messaging for 6 emails, which were automatically triggered based on the reactivity of the receiver. The purpose of the email messages was to educate leads on Velocity’s Business Intelligence offer over time and to generate meeting appointments. MediaDev followed up on interested leads by phone to confirm the appointment with Velocity’s sales team.

Once a lead confirmed a sales appointment, MediaDev submitted the following information to Velocity.

» Company overview including activity sector and company size

» Contact details of key decision-makers

» Description of the identified need or project

» Overview of the potential deal size

» Confirmation on the lead’s interest in Velocity’s offer

» Confirmation that the lead would like to meet with Velocity

Throughout the campaign, MediaDev kept working closely with Velocity to ensure a smooth lead handover. MediaDev reported back on the campaign progress with weekly conference calls.

Outcome of the Program

With the efficient approach of combining on and offline channels, MediaDev was able to reach the campaign objectives well within time. The following figures are the results of the campaign for Q1 2019.

About Velocity

Velocity Business Solutions is one of Hong Kong’s leading data analytics firms and a premium reseller of Qlik, Alteryx (data preparation), and Data Robot (AI). Velocity works with top executives to help them make better decisions and convert those decisions into actions. Velocity has the largest, most experienced, and Qlik-certified services and support team in Hong Kong, and has delivered more than 150 Qlik implementations.

Hybrid Lead Generation Process