MediaDev was hired by Qlik EMEA to execute a comprehensive ISV recruitment strategy using digital marketing, social selling and telemarketing.

A Holistic Approach to ISV-OEM Lead Generation

As part of a Global ISV recruitment initiative, MediaDev has been working with Qlik OEM EMEA since 2017 to generate highly qualified leads for their Embedded Analytics offer across Europe. In the early stages, all lead generation campaigns were centered around telemarketing. Both parties soon came to the conclusion there was a need for a more holistic approach to nurture ISVs efficiently. In late 2018, MediaDev developed a comprehensive ISV recruitment strategy including a combination of Social Selling, spot basis telemarketing, email, content marketing, and advertising to convert ISVs into valuable partners over time.

Qlik OEM EMEA Case Study

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​“I have a long and profitable relationship with MediaDev. At the beginning at a country level for the Italian market, and more recently at the EMEA level. Among all the IT marketing organizations I’ve used in the past, MediaDev stands out in their capability to deliver a sophisticated marketing approach that drastically impacts our company top line. I always appreciated their attitude to act as an extended team, committed to sustain the business models and to achieve the marketing goals. MediaDev professionals know the lead generation dynamics in the Information Technology space well and as a result we added a social selling component to our business development strategy. This made the difference driving new prospects and opportunities to our pipeline.”

Roberto, Director of OEM Marketing EMEA

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