Essentials to Lead Generation for Software Vendors is MediaDev’s pilot online marketing course. Listen in as Liz shares the thought process behind why we put together Mediadev Marketing Masterclass for you software marketers! Want to become a high-performing lead generation specialist? Join the class now! Get all the course details here.

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Liz Lemarchand: How is it that innovative software solutions have the ability to change the world yet they don’t sell themselves? How is it that I know my target market but I’m not able to generate enough sales opportunities? How do I even get started to create visibility for my brand when I’m not an expert in marketing? That is the question and this podcast will give you the answer. Welcome to SMplified: Software Marketing Made Simple!

Hey everyone, this is Liz from MediaDev and today I wanted to do a very quick podcast to explain to our listeners and our faithful followers about why we decided to create an online masterclass. 

So, as most of you probably did yourselves, 2020 was one of the strangest years I think any of us can say we’ve lived through and we saw a surge in online learning because obviously other outlets accessible to us like movies and going out and all that kind of stuff were no longer available and people wanted to take advantage of that time to improve themselves and do something to enhance their skillsets. 

So that was the case for me. In 2020 I started doing a lot of various different online virtual learning classes and it was at exactly this time last year that I got the idea of putting together an online marketing course that we would then make accessible for our customers and prospects. 

We find very often, we’re very passionate about technology and we find that so often either people have built a software solution or they’ve used a development company to build a solution and they’re really excited about the technology. They feel that it’s revolutionary. They’re in love with the product themselves, but they just have no experience in marketing. And they have the false belief that the product will just sell itself, but that never happens, so their products end up basically dying and not taking off the way they expected because they haven’t thought through all the ramification when it comes to marketing the product and I feel that that’s a shame because technology really changes our lives every single day and it’s amazing how many improvements can be made because of software solutions. 

So, to see a software solution die and not be successful on the marketplace is really just a shame. So, we believed that by tapping into our 25+ years of expertise in the area of software marketing, we would be able to provide some value to those types of people and also to the kind of junior marketing staff we often see with our customers who have their internal business development reps that are out there trying to sell products, there’s a ton of turnover with BDRs in companies and very often it’s because they don’t have the tools and the and the strategies to be able to be successful doing lead generation types of activities they haven’t had the experience, and because they don’t really know the best practices, sometimes they get stuck and very often they’re hesitant to ask for help. 

I think many people just generally are worried about being judged by their employers, being judged as not being good enough. I think all of us can relate to suffering from monkey chatter inside of your brain that has self-doubt and you know questions your worthiness when it comes to doing a particular job and we find that that’s very, very often the case with people in sales or presales roles, while they come off as being very confident and sure of themselves on the outside, on the inside there’s a lot of self-doubt there, and a lot of room and opportunity for growth if they’re open and amenable for growing and questioning how they do things, and experimenting with ways to improve. 

So, our online marketing course, this first course that we’ve put out, is focused on the essentials to lead generation for software vendors, so we’re really excited to be able to share that with you, and we hope that that will serve the purpose of enabling you or your BDR’s to be more successful as you do outbound lead generation activities. 

So, we have provided vast information about how to do outreach, what channels to use, what types of messaging to create, how to understand your buyer personas, how to create a database of qualified contacts, how to put together a leads report how to do the outreach and be successful and get past gatekeepers and how you can craft emails that get opened and read and improve your response rate and ultimately your conversion rates. 

So, that was really kind of the why behind our thought process. And, of course, we’re currently working on expanding the course to include everything related to digital marketing and inbound lead generation and that will come out sometime in 2022. 

So, we’re really excited about this. We’re really hoping that you’ll give us tons of feedback to help us understand, you know whether the courses is serving its purpose or not. 

So please make sure to leave us a comment you can go onto our website and you will see a new section dedicated to this online masterclass — The MediaDev Marketing Masterclass. 

And you can sign up and do that course so that you can grow your skill set and up level your skills so that you can become an even better marketer of software solutions. 

Thanks again for tuning in today we look forward to seeing you back here soon for another episode. 

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