Everyone knows that content is king. Getting your prospects in front of the right content at the right time can greatly influence sales and is an essential part of the lead nurture process. Not only does content help initiate conversations with your target audience, it is a must have for creating thought leadership in your area of expertise. But positioning yourself or your software company as thought leaders is easier said then done. Here are five tips to help ensure you are on the right path.

You can never have too much content

Content marketing is not something you ever finish; it’s an ongoing process that needs to take into account the needs of your target audience. Creating content in a variety of formats (audio, video, written articles, short infographics) is the best way to ensure that you reach your buyer personas because people like to consume different types of content depending on their personal preferences or mood. Posting your content across channels guarantees that your message is seen no matter where your prospects are, whether that be on or offline.

Content syndication is the new PR

Don’t get me wrong, good-old fashioned PR is still one of the best ways to get noticed. But let’s face it — journalists are not going to write about your company unless there is something newsworthy to write about. Of course, if you just raised millions of dollars in funding from a venture capitalist that may be the occasion you need to get some free press. But if that’s not the case, you can still use SEO, social media marketing, and content syndication to get noticed. Make sure to list out the keywords that are most important to you and analyze how you currently rank for them; if your strategy is effective, you will see an improvement in your ranking and will increase traffic to your website as a result.

External contributions

Creating partnerships with relevant industry publications can not only help you enhance visibility for your content, but you can also solicit external contributors to create content for you. Associating yourself with other industry experts will help you establish a foothold in this community.

Another type of external collaboration to consider is working directly with your clients for endorsements. Nothing works better than word-of-mouth marketing. By creating case studies and success stories to showcase your wins, your clients will become your biggest brand ambassadors. Highlighting the business benefits your solution brought to those customers and getting clients to recommend you to their peers is an essential way creating credibility and trust. Of course, the best way to ensure that happens is by having a great product, an effective sales team, and a top-notch customer experience.

Speaking engagements

Don’t wait to be noticed and invited to speak at industry conferences — proactively solicit them and highlight why you would make a good choice of presenters. Attend such conferences in order to network with the organizers and pick up tips on what makes a good presentation. In the meantime, host a series of webinars or create a vlog on the topic(s) that you know the most about.


It goes without saying that positioning yourself as a thought leader means that you are an expert on your subject. But confidence also goes a long way! Combining the two will help you achieve the recognition you deserve.

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