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About Liz Lemarchand

Liz is the Chief Operating Officer of MediaDev, a global IT marketing firm. She has 20 years of marketing experience and provides strategic counsel to software vendors both large and small.
27 Nov 2019 27 Nov 2019

B2B Software Marketing Strategies: What Works to Generate High Quality Leads?

By |2020-01-07T08:43:55+01:00November 27th, 2019|Articles|0 Comments

B2B software marketing is a world unto itself. Anyone who has worked in it can tell you that it’s not all it’s cracked up to be. Not only is it often difficult for marketers to create the right messaging without sounding too technical, but outreach needs to come in all shapes and forms (especially when you are targeting different job functions within an organization).

04 Nov 2019 04 Nov 2019

How “Crush” Campaigns Can Help You Take Back Market Share

By |2019-11-07T06:22:24+01:00November 4th, 2019|Articles|0 Comments

Keep these tactics in mind as you try to outsmart your competition.
20 Oct 2019 20 Oct 2019

Why Niche Marketing Is Important

By |2019-11-05T10:20:24+01:00October 20th, 2019|Articles|0 Comments

Hyper-targeting your customers really works, and here are four practical tips to help you do that.
18 Oct 2019 18 Oct 2019

How to Transform Content Syndication Leads into Real Sales Opportunities

By |2019-12-18T08:02:41+01:00October 18th, 2019|Articles|0 Comments

More than just getting in touch with your leads, it’s also important to gauge their level of interest.
24 Sep 2019 24 Sep 2019

Importance of Creating LinkedIn Showcase Pages to Highlight Specific Products/Services for Your Business

By |2019-09-24T08:51:11+02:00September 24th, 2019|Videos|0 Comments

Liz explains why showcase pages go beyond company pages, by letting you focus on your specialties and hyper-target niche markets.